I'm Matteo I 've 23 years and I play poker from almost 4 anyway the reason that ispired me to start to blog is that  my english is still bad.

It is not the only reason I wanna change myself I'm tired every month is the same story, when it start I've always a good propose like this: this month I do gim every day,I study english,I play more than 30k hands ecc

Now is almost 2years that I live in London and my english is bad.The truth every month the only thing that I do well is find a good excuse.

My goals is not change everything now but every month take 2 new good habits and this blog I hope help me do this.

The first goal for this month I pledge to update this blog 4 time a week and second I wanna do gim every day and when the weather is good I go to run.

Ok there is poker forum but in the next update I will have time for write also of poker but for the moment thaks at all for reading my blog and I hope if I make a midstake with english you correct me