On June 29, 2012, I arrived in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and since that day, aqui vivo...almost a month. I think I started playing online poker on or around June 30th. I haven't played online (with cash), since 2005, so it has definitely been awhile. Before I left Canada, I sold all my poker books to a fellow player for almost no dinero...que lastima! I could definitely use those books here. Although I suppose one good thing came out of this. I am forced to find Poker resources online and I actually think this Pokerstarts school could be very helpful and instructive. We'll see how she goes.

Apparently you can't register for any of the courses until 90 minutes has elapsed, although I think I have registered for a live course on Sunday around 5 or 6 pm. I must not forget this!

I will endeavour to continue writing about my progress. To date, I have probably deposited around $200 US and I think I have around $60 left, so I've been losing my stake. I am somewhat encouraged by my recent (small) successes in the larger tournaments. I won $15 in one of these, my biggest win to date, and think I've been in the money four or five times. I've got to start keeping better track of this.

My problem seems to be in the latter part of the tournament when the blinds are big, I start making mistakes and quickly lose my chips. I should probably start playing only premium absolute hands then and pump it or dump it. I'm hoping that these online lessons will help.

That's all for today probably, unless I am ambitious enough to post the results of the 100K depositor freeroll I'm currently playing...and not too well either. I think I'm about $2000 less than the average stack, which ain't good. I've already done a double-re-buy and think I can only do one more rebuy and then I'm out. So I'll have to be careful.

Ciao from PV