Hey Everyone! 



Best Moment at Poker Stars? There's been a few but I guess the best one was last year in the WBCOOP. It was the biggest one I'd been in since I started playing poker. I'm not really a big money player because I'm still building a bankroll - starting with nothing, it's a bit hard to do, but for some reason I still am, though I took about 9 months off - and, no I wasn't pregnant! Anyways, off topic, I've learned a lot by playing poker at Poker Stars - not just about the game but about the personalities. There's a lot of people in it for the money (Imagine that!) but there's actually quite a few who take the time to give advice or drop hints when things aren't going well or you hit a bad cycle. And one of the great things I noticed was how multicultural the game actually is - there are so many countries represented at each table - it's mind-boggling - how more international can a sport get? Because after all, poker is a sport, and that's how I approach it - a friendly game with potential for loss and for win. Back to the WBCOOP, the moment of glory (fleeting) or infamy (long-lasting). I'd been playing about an hour when the moment came - at the table I was about mid-range, not really on the leaderboard but still quite comfortable to go a while, IF I HAD PATIENCE!! Then I got the ultimate cards, pocket ACES - so I did what any novice would do, maybe a few veterans or some of those freeroll partiers, I shoved all my money in - no thought of extending the round until I squeaked on and on - NO! It was to be glory or nothing! Well, I shoved... the first one folded, the second folded, the third folded quickly, the fourth hesitated, and folded, and then the fifth, with more money than me shoved - but that was okay - I had STARS in my mind and ACES in the hole - so shove away, baby, and then the sixth shoved, and I thought, have an ace, please... it made mine so much better. Already the money was in the pot - I could go another hour on this pot alone - whooooh! The last two folded and it was all or nothing - I couldn't wait! The fifth had pocket Queens so that was okay - got them covered, and the sixth had Ace and King of hearts - a bit worrying but nothing my ACEs hadn't seen before - so we were off - the FLOP. Oh, what a flop, a 9 and 10 of hearts, and a Queen. Well, that brought me down a bit, but there was more to come - and being optimistic, I KNEW, it wasn't over til the last card, and I couldn't pull out now... so I closed my eyes, and prayed to those Poker Gods and Goddesses - please, please, please, let it be the Ace I see, and no more of those hearts and queen thingies...well, and as you might guess, the turn... oh boy, a nondescript 3 of spades (I think - the memory of that card lingers but what was it really - well, it wasn't an Ace!) One more card. I squeezed my eyes shut, and shouted at those Gods and Goddesses.... and by all that's pokerish, they listened, they stemmed the tide and dropped that river card, a heart. And my heart plummetted.... all those dreams washed away, all those maybes and should-have beens slipping away, all those unbought lottery tickets dancing through my tears.... gone... Then, I got that pearl of wisdom, that drop from one of those many that make you grateful to Poker Stars, life, and its members... an e-mail simply written..."That's poker." And so it was. And so I'm still here, looking for that magical ride to Poker Nirvanna to visit all you gods and goddesses... so bring it on, and next time I pray to you, well, there better be a different tune you're playing!