Hey everyone!

     I have to say if you ever get the chance you should try the WBCOOP blogging competition. To say the least it gives you a chance not only to earn tournament tickets but also a way to meet fellow poker players and even more importantly, it gives you a chance to experience all the different types of poker. So far, I've been lucky to win 3 SCOOP tickets playing variations of Texas Hold-em I had never played before, and I almost won a fourth in Heads-up play getting to the third round but losing. I have 3 more to go so I'll do my best. I played the NL Hold-em table with ten players shootout. I made it through the first round but got taken out in the second but it was prretty exciting. I had a pair of Kings, the other guy had Ace, Queen and we both had flush draws but he had the higher kicker and the last card completed the flush - down to the last card! Today I'm going to try Pot Limit Omaha for the first time so wish me luck. You, too! Til' next time.