Playing MTT tournaments at PokerStars is a lot of fun. I play two types of freerolls, the  PSO and Hubble NL. They're quite different, at least I think so. The strategy I employ is very different and I'd appreciate any comments on them.In the Hubble tourney I can take more chances early because the blinds are lower and the game is slower, well, other than the maniacs. However, there is a catch. You really have to build a good stack to make it to the bubble. Because that's what it's all about. Only the top 72 make it to the next tourney and that's where the money is. I've only made it once so far, but have died on the bubble at least 8 or 9 times so I am changing my strategy to be more aggressive early on. In the PSO league, I generally try to stay patient and only go in when I have a category 1 or 2 hand - you should check the training videos if you don't know what these are. Most of the lower half of the players drop out and you should hit 2000 at the one hour mark. By then you will be short-stacked or in the mid-range depending on the cards you went in on. Then you have to get more aggressive and probably go all in quite a few times to survive. But I try to make sure they are good hands before I do. However, I have a question for you. Sometimes, I get this strange feeling, and I'm not sure why, that I should go in on a hand that I wouldn't otherwise.. It happened to me about 4 times in my last freeroll, but because I was more worried about surviving, I hesitated, folded, and stared at the winning hand as it unveiled. They were hands such as A6 offsuit, J10clubs, and a pair of 7s. Each time I had that feeling - I don't know what it is - and perhaps I've just been playing too much, and it happens every tournament, but usually I don't follow them up unless I'm already going for the bubble - then I go on anything I think might win- that's because I'm usually short-stacked. My questions is this. Am I crazy or do some of you have this same experience? Thanks for your comments in advance.