Don't be afraid to read this!

Poverty is a flop without a turn or river. I know. I live it. $5,000 would be a lifeline for several months so what would I do with it? Something positive. But what can I do with such an amount? Stop the ugly things that we grow up with? Stop the wars, the murders, the poverty-stricken, the pedophiles and rapists? I think of ways, but no, I can't do all that by myself. What about a house, a car, a new TV? No, done that and lost them. So what? There's my youngest stuck in Japan? Is that enough money to bring him to Canada and will his mother let him? Barely and not likely. But I'd try. How about playing more poker, reinvesting in my future? Ah, that's what most of you would do, but I KNOW my skill level! So, enough with the impossible. Life is like poker. Anyone can win, that's what  they say to the fish and donkeys like me while THEY'RE raking in the money, but while I'm not good enough YET -- I play to win.
I need that money! Do you? Really?
There's not a lot of things I can do to change life but I'd do something for my two kids that live with me. First, I'd take them out to dinner - we haven't been to a restaurant in over a year. Then, I'd take my daughter to buy something special - some jeans, a new blouse or a pair of Uggs. My son - I promised him a saxophone, so I'd get him that, or maybe splurge on voice lessons. He wants to be a rock star or a movie actor. Good luck with that!. My youngest -well, he loves his video games, so I'd send him the newest SpongeBob or Rabid Rabbits. My ex-wife? Forget about it!
For me? There's nothing I really want. I'd keep working on my writing but I've already got my kids (2 of them anyways), but I'd sure love to share that prize with them. Do the right thing- give it to someone who REALLY needs it!
I do understand that compared to most of the poverty-stricken people in the world I would be a greedy capitalist but then aren't we all? I'm just a poorer version but I can admit it. At least poker and Pokerstars gives us a chance to shine, and a chance to win, so thanks for that!