If you live in the near north, as opposed to the far north where the wonderful Inuit, Greenlanders and Icelanders reside (to name just a few and apologizing in advance to those I've missed), then you would understand the delight with which one might greet a snowfall. Especially after the dreary winter so far. If you are from the south (any depth) then perhaps this is something you could look forward to. Ahh, after days of poker playing, mind-numbing battles and folding, folding, folding, oh, some holding, it snows... and I go out in it at 4 in the morning. All is quiet, just the snow falling, blissful, and the trees crystalizing... Oh, no - there goes a cop, wonder if s/he plays poker - just turned into the Tim Hortons' - true Canucks, eh! Everything is so beautiful - but then 99% of you are guys and you wouldn't understand (well, I shouldn't stereotype you, right?), but there is something so awe-inspiring to a bough full of hanging snow - paradise for free!!! No need for sandy beaches, faraway reaches or fantasy peaches??? Nothing rhymes anymore...
A lot like my poker playing lately. Not so awe-inspiring but I have no expectations after only one month. But I did get side-tracked. I went off tournaments and took the 50 cents I won at the Open Skill League and played Sit&Goes, especially the 10 cent one, sometimes the 2 cent hyper ones, and just recently the 25 cent ones. Which means my 50 cents has kept me going for almost 2 weeks. Wait til I get some real money! Too bad I don't have any to deposit but that's a longer story than this blogalog would allow. I make the cut about 15 to 20% of the time, and hit 4 final tables (3rd, 5th, 5th, and 6th on the 25cent table). It's a good speed and has taught me a lot about patience so I'm now transferring back to the OSL tournaments but I'm probably too far behind to catch up. No problem. I'll try for the 50 cents again. Working my way up the ladder... my rhythms off - it's hard to type a rhythm and who'd want to, well, other than songwriters of course....hey, who wrote that song? Never mind.
Getting wordy and most of the readers have dropped away by now. Tidbitting - ever wonder where the people go during the breaks, there're always some that go missing - maybe lost in the bathrooms or just kicked off - makes you wonder what they did, and do they still get points? Do you think they know they've gone missing? And who moves all those tables so quickly - gotta give PokerStars lots of credit for handling that! Hey, and I love maniacs now - even go in sometimes against them - it's kind of like gangly teenagers hitting puberty and wondering where the girls are - there certainly aren't many playing poker - yet! And if you try the 2 cent turbo there's 990 of them at the same time - you might as well just join in - it's like trying to find some peace and quiet in Toronto Eaton's Square on a Saturday afternoon - peaked, pawing pigeons - why did I write that? Don't answer- that was for me- writer's prerogative, whatever that means.
I should really get a life. Thanks for reading all this frootalooping (another one of my new words- don't you just love making new words? I try to make one a day whether we need them or not!)
P.S.  Hey, Poker Stars, is there any way I can get some of my drawings downloaded onto here? I tried copy&paste but they don't show up - they're tiff files from Corel Painter 11 - do I need to convert them? They show up okay in Microsoft Word... anybody - help?!?
P.P.S. Happy Pokering all!!