Hello poker fans everywhere

      I come to poker from a history as an English teacher in Japan for 18 years, a would-be artist and kid's writer. As you can guess, I'm a little bit older than the average whippersnapper that blogs on this site, but be wary, old-timers are as fresh for life and as vigorous as any of you, and with age, we still may have an ace or two up our sleeve that you youngsters haven't seen yet. As a kid, I used to play the 25 cent games at the neighbours and loved the excitement and challenge of playing. I still do. I've been zooming up and down the No Limits Tournaments charts, staying up all night - we don't need as much sleep as our younger brethren - and I realized that though I loved to play, I really wan't very consistent, and needed to shape up. So I checked out the forums, found a few videos, and was intigued by many of them. I especially found the one about TAGs and LAGs fascinating. But one thing I know about life is that you have to get live experience to actually improve. Well, I scored a final table, and finished 7th. Of course that made me think I'd be first within a week. Not quite. Down the roller coaster I went, crashing back to reality, and averagedom. Then I found SuperSystem2 with lots of great advice, and my play improved, and within the next week I had a 13th place finish and a 46th, but I was still missing consistency. Playing tournaments craves patience and picking your spots. That I know. Well, I've got one now, and I'll try to be more consistent, and I hope I run into you, one way or the other. Good gaming and I think next time I'll post one of my characters on the blog - give her a poker face!