Up until today, I used to check it constantly. Even if I had checked it 5 minutes prior, I would check it again and again hoping that it would update even though I knew it wasn't possible. Today, that comes to an end.

I found myself racing up the standing the first week and ultimately into first place. Once I hit that mark, I got obsessed with it. It took its toll on me psychologically. If I lost points, or worse lost the top spot ... I always felt pressure in the next tournament to recoup the points I lost. 

I had a bad run over a span of a couple days after I held first for a couple days. The bad luck/run of cards saw me drop from 1st all the way down to 300! I almost quit. Collected myself and within a day, found myself back in the top 5. I had a bad run of games yesterday and fell a bit again.

What I've determined is holding onto 1st and/or your ranking for an entire month is almost impossible. You are going to suffer thru some downswings and thus your standing/points are going to fluctuate. Thus, I've decided to completely ignore the standings until the final days of the month...