Quite possibly the WORST stretch of hands/tournaments the last two days. I realize bad beats are a part of the game, but ... wow. 

I almost believe I should not play at all the rest of the day and/or tomorrow because I'm running so bad. Sure, 2 days worth of bad luck may not be enough to be considered to be a bad run, but if I continue like this I'm gonna need to buy a new monitor since I'm on the verge of tossing it.

Today, for example. PSO. Three consecutive hands. KK, no action. AK ... lose to KK. Next and final hand, AA ... lose to set of 2's. Around the same time, in the PSO Warmup, get dealt KK's and push AI preflop. Get called by K10o. Talk about dominated!! Funny though, since I knew I was in the midst of bad luck, I called runner runner straight when the flop hit ... and sure enough ... it did. New PSO tourney. AKs. Flop my K. Lose to 64o when he turns 2 pair. Didn't matter that I re-raised flop. Next hand, get QQ to double up my measly short stack only to get AK the very next hand and lose to 85. Really???

I've tightened up my game for this month's PSO. Thus, it led to a great start which saw me rise to the top pretty quick. I'm looking at a loss of about 60 points, maybe more, for today alone unless I can make up for it in the last 2 tournaments of the day. But, how much tighter can one play? I've heard of players folding AK preflop to no raise. I can't, in good conscience, do that...can I? I have no problem folding AK to 3 and 4 bets but c'mon...

Update: Knocked out early again at 8:00 tourney. My JJ to KK. However, next hand, instead of tilting and shoving my small stack with J10 (would have flopped the nut straight) ... I wait for the hand AFTER that and shove with AQ (better hand, right?). Get called by K5o and lose to pair of 5's.


Easily the worst day of poker beats. I've lost decent amounts of money at times betting games, at roulette and/or craps but none of those compare to how I feel after today's results ... and I didn't even lose any money ... just 100 or so points in the standings...