I am a low stakes player trying to build a bankroll. I've made 2 deposits over the last 2 weeks and have gotton clobberd. Up untill that when I make a deposit ( usually $25 ) I would build it up to over $100 and sometimes over $200 playing $01-$02 no limit or 02-04 limit holdem and $1.00 sng's and mtt's. Then the bad run of cards and suck outs start and the next thing I know i'm broke. The bad thing is I don't think i'm a bad player I would say 80 to 90% of the time I get the money in I'm ahead an here comes the mirical card and i'm done. I used to blam it on going on tilt but i've got that part of my game under control. I just can't seem to build my bankroll up consistantly. Any help would would be apreciated.