Ah, good old poker school days. Seeing PSO back in action makes me recall when a bad beat was called a Bugsy from Suck Out City. The blogs became a mountain of complaints that ranged from accusations of collusion to full blown conspiracies perpetrated by the far right organization known as the RNG. Yep, those were the days. Seriously, though, I would like to say, I, for one, am grateful for the work and expense Pokerstars has provided to refurbish the old PSO site and bring a new challenge to the players. If we look at Star's history we will see that they have consistently improved, innovated, and overhauled themselves into the number one poker site in the world. To coin a phrase, that wasn't built in a day. I don't expect any less from them where this poker school is concerned. Now I like my instant gratification as much as the next guy but lets give them more than two weeks to perfect everything. What about giving them another two weeks and then if it isn't perfect we threaten to start complaining. One thing is for sure, they ain't hurting for suggestions. I mean, look who works here. If Stars needs to revamp a system, who are they going to consult, me or the guy who's picture is in the upper left corner? Granted, I did finish 83rd in a PSO Skill League tourney the other day, but they ain't approved my employment application yet. To change the subject, It has been my experience, that when the word "school" appears in the name of a place, it attracts a certain type of people. They are called students. They show up with different levels of education. Heck, we even have pre-schoolers trying to figure out how to enroll. The ones that have more education we call graduate students. I think you all get the point. I tried to use humor to say this. We all are at varying skill levels at this site and our abilities are as individual as we are. In this type of venue I have met beginners that might be embarrassed to ask questions. Perhaps the more experienced members could be a bit more tolerant of what we consider bad play and look to see if this is a player that wants to improve. Not all of the million or so bad beats I've taken were handed to me by ego driven donkeys. All the resources to improve are here for all players regardless of ability or skill level. So, shuffle up and deal.