This is the first blog I've ever posted. Well, let me say this first, if you can't teach an old dog new tricks, then I'm a goner. The future of my favorite pastime is on this screen. Technology has taken a back room, illegal, (in some states,like Ky.), activity and turned it into the new golf. Anyone, anywhere can now participate in what we all know is the most fun you can have with your pants on. In the light speed world of internet poker you can become the next Bill Gates, (minus a couple of 0"s), by learning this game and investing one paper dollar. Heck, son, if you can find a better deal than that, I'll throw in with you. Now, you might be saying, "Tell us something we don't already know, Mud, you long winded hillbilly", or we're posting up for the next freeroll. My point is this, online I've been getting my bee-hind handed to me. This ain't no new experience for ol' Mud, but it sure is gosh awful painful. Oh, by the way, stop using my butt for a football, please, you know who you are. New venues, boys and girls, require recon and intel, you know, sneak and peek. Well, I ain't spending the next 25 years trying to figure this stuff out. I've seen a ton of stuff on the net that promises to make you an honest to goodness 'poker player', but, for the most part, have been lacking for my intents and purposes. I'll tell y'all this for nothing, (and that don't happen often), if the caliber of players and level of play I've found on this site is the product of this Poker School Online thing, then please, sign me up. Some of y'all have played a hand or two with me and yea, I've been known to put the duh in dumb. But when I saw y'all mixing it up for fun like it's the WSOP,my jaw hit the floor. There are some real pro's here, you know who are, and I ain' as dumb as I look. Well' what I'm saying is, I may have a new home game. I mean right here in my home, without the mess! I can gut shot out draw some unwitting Hong Kong businessman for his stack and never look back, all from the comfort of my Laz-E-Boy. The potential here for a brand new road game boggles my rather voluminous imagination. The end game here, my esteemed colleagues, is I want to know what you know. I'll sign off here,but, I got plenty to say and even more questions. Well, you know where to find me.