waddap everywun


its been like over a year since i was up on the poker school thingy, anyways since that period i got lots better at poker n startd crushing the live scene in my country 2 so its ben a fairly good year since, i guess my best score online came bout a month and a bit ago when i shipped the 11$ Sunday storm, it was pretty sick they wer like 30,000 runners + n managed 2 knock off the mroe pro plays on FT fairly quiik so once we got 3 handed things wer fairly easy


The best part of it tho was once it was down to final 200 people i had a huge stack knowing i was going to final table like i mean a enormous insane stack SOOO i popd out the jim beam n startd getn crunk haha chilln n sippin, called ma boys round we n all just drank n watchd me ship. Not long aftr we wer all abit tipsy but decided to go play in our social league basketball anyways, wow we wer drinking there 2 n obviously half court shots wer being taken haha takles being thrown haha god it was hilarious, got home n rang up ma girl / wife 2 be n told her n she was happy, but uno girls they dnt relly care for gamblin much so bleh watevr, i went the next day n bought her a ton of stuff tho (she lives in fiji, im currently with her we waitin 2 hav our baby &nbsp


a week later i decide to head down to NZ poker champs which went extremly well cash game wise, there was a rotation game there 5/5$ PLo/NLH haha man it wa sa dream game iv never seen such a soft cash game in my life first 3 nights crushd it like 8 buy ins a night ave but the gay thing was that i briked every single tourny and got coolerd in both the main event and final event which i shouldv dun really really well in had that not happnd but watever, it was great meeting all the other good poker players n my country n made alota new freinds drank a shit load 2 so obv im always happy bout that hehe. this took place n christchurch i stayd for about a week, the night i flew bak to auckland i had to fly to fiji the very next morning ae so it was epic getting everything sorted in a rush.


Anyways since then i ben running unbelevably bad just loosing in sik spots being a huge fav sorta thing like everyday haha so decided to withdraw most funds n play live , suks cuz few of my frends r havin sik years aswell for poker like 100k$ plus years haha while i sit bak n grind stink games but watever sumtyms itl happn 2 anyone i guess


So yeah my plan now is grindin out freerolls and plan on buildin from scratch my roll, hopfully by 2013 il hav at least a few K$ to grind the low/micro mtts n mayb sum 8 game cash, well c tho.......hoping grinding out the poker league will be super good for boostin the online roll


Well anyways im pretty happy to giv advice to those wanting it, i specilise in PLO and horse, but also know a thang or 2 for NLHE......


Aight good luk 2 all the grinders out thur