Waddappppppppppp ma peopless

Oku_ha_fools here :-P reportin at the begining of the month!

Firstly wanna send a big shout out to ma boy Jackson Zheng who got 8th at the APPT in melbourne couple days ago

Well im super duper uber excited about the WCOOP, daym i cannot wait for september!! lukn forward to jam all those mix game tournys mMmmmm really hope to ship something decent

I also just saw that the poker school will be hosting feedersn to the wcoop mega satelites, i thought that was a pretty cool idea how theyd do that n run a boot camp :-P nice idea

Also in new news iv recently taken an interest in writing rymes :-P past few days ben freestylin with a frend upperkandy whos a sick mtt grinder lol we both like rap.....came up with the funniest poker rap omg it was pretty cool tho.......... heres a couple lines frm the long convo we got on facebook

  "rollin on dubs, double pot bluff shoves!.. I know your hand........ the cards that the fish loves.....the Jack 10 is my guess at wat u hold.. Im moving all in... youd best mark the check fold" Hahhh

"I Take your chips to 21.....blackjack fo the whales... then they take our chips back, mother****** a epic fail... owell fish, in time il come back to u... get you OFF your A A, with my OFF seven two"

lol the convo went on for like an hour it was fun

anyways.....tak cre nd goodluck all for the new leagues