with blinds at 50/100 PSO tourny and im super stacked 200bb with another guy who is soooo bad hes got 200bb and the whole rest of the table is sitting out :-P lol he opens 300 which he does with a huge huge range (we are pretty much playing a heads up game), i 3 bet with AQ suited to about 800........ he goes ahead and mega reraises 4000$ i just knew that was the tastiest dead money i had ever seen lol and shoved he snap calls with 56 offsuit and gets a running flush :-P Yayyyy goooo PSO!!!

hahahah Who says the PSO isn't a crapshoot? because it is and people talking about folding QQ and big hands in the hand analysis section of forums couldnt be more wrong lol they should rename this crapshoots 101 :-P the guy obviously thought he was awsum for busting me i had the decency to call him a genious and let him know that was an excelent call :-P