Well for the past 3 days i have been banned from the hand analysis forums lol and it has been boring, i thoguht i was helping people by talking str8 with them about the opbvious errors in their hands but really it just pissed people off and well eventually it came to this, getting banned!! :-P lol i feel like the forum bad ass, call me Oku Corlione Fools :-P

Ahh anyways, past few days here in fiji its been awsummmmmmmmmmm
Decided to do some work on our family farm, cutting grass, weeding the plantation, picking veges OHH and yesterday that was messed up lol...........last week we had originally burried one of our dogs who sadly died.......then yesterday the damn village dogs must have dug up his rotting corpse it was soooo smelly and guess who had to dig the new hole? lol yeAHP me so there i got to it digging a deep hole in the hardest soil ive ever dug in the damn hot sun it was soooooOOOOooo hot i felt like i was out of breath, im also a smoker so it was real tuff considering i had just finished cleaning our plantation :-P so once that was done just chucked a whole thorn bush there to keep the dogs out felt like i had put my day to some good use

2day think il play a few pso tournies ahh well c, i wish i had known about this in the begining of the month i think i woulda easily ben top 5, its only been 4 days and ive made it to the 4000 mark pretty easily :-P

well goodluck all