Firstly i just wanted to say how lame the all black squad is looking my gawd watched em play Fiji last night over a nice bottle of jonnie walker black label :-P Obviously the drinking was keeping me entertained not the rugby, Fiji got hammerd but man im doubting NZ's chances in the World cup soo sad Graham Henry bring back the old world cup squad pleaseeeeee :-P .................Anyways back to poker

Not far from the final table of a 6 Max tourny about 20 people left and we are all in the money....I have been on the same table for nearly over an hour, my image is very solid/tight known to be c betting a ton and at times double barreling so yes i do have a bit of a bluff image here 2 :-P . The table is playing fairly tight i have been min raising an absolute tonn on this guys blind  he has not been defending much at all unless he has a premium sort of hand,  also he often folds to double barrels..........However i noticed that he plays a fairly ok game especially in position .. all in all hes pretty str8 forward and never gets out of hand with his hand selection much OOP....

Hero (UTG) : 49,000
Seems ok (Small Blind): 24,000
Villain  (Big Blind): 21,000

Blinds are 400/800 with antes

i have A-2 suited of clubs and i do my thing lol min raise bamm :-P small blind folds and big blind flats, we take a flop. Flop comes Kc-8h-3h  ( Pot is about 4,000), villain checks and i check......

Turn comes and brings a K....Villain checks again and i fire A high intentionally for value 1,600........ he thinks for a bit then check raises to about 4,000..........i think for a teeny bit and call :-P  

River comes and brings and offsuit 9, there is no flush possibilitys now. Pot is about (12,000) villain bets fairly fast 7,200..................i go into the tank just sitting there with ace high lets go thru wat i was thinkin

When i bet the turn i know that he knows i cant rep anything lol.... But more importantly it was really hard for him to rep a hand there worth check raising for value he did not 3 bet pre which he does with his good holdings liek KQ's, pairs and other strong suited braodway hands.....and tends to donk  bet when he hits.......

To me i believed there were a lot more draws/bluffs he had in his check raising range on that turn card ect all gutshots,flush draw hands random Q-10,J10 sorta stuff that he may do this with...............And if he did have a hand im quiet sure that he would not check raise there instead call down my bluffs with his random pairs....the value in check raising a pair there is extremeley thin and i ddnt think he was good enuff to be extracting value like that fullstop....

it really ddnt make sense for him to even check raise a king on the turn given no 3 bet pre there were just no good kings in his range to be duin that..... the only Ks that make sense to me are K-9,K-10 and KJ if he dosnt 3 bet that to me then his range he is trying to rep could only be sets......well he could definantly have 33s  here that is in his range but its such a small part of his range  that he is repping...........then i think he cant have 88 or 99 because he would have definantly 3 bet pre so thats pretty clear to me.......

i was a little worried about him turning his ace highs into a bluff but for that to happen he would have had to have strictly A-10,A-6,A-7,A-4 ...obviously we know hes 3 betting all the good aces Aj and better and maybe even A-10 sometimes but there we c thats a very small amount of hands for him to have and i just didnt think he would be the typ of player to bother calling pre with trash aces and if he did have A-3 or A-8 A-9 i think he would be more inclined to be flatting my barrels all the way instead of C/raising ..i think hes not check raising a pair of 8s, on that turn so we can take out all those, hes playing a small amount of time OOP K-9, K-10, K-J definantly a small thinkin bout it i just thought hed be more inclined to bet all his J highs Q highs ect and and not his A highs as it possibly has a small amount of showdown value vs my blluffs and draws ..

Plus if i won the pot and was good id get a tonn of respect and people would give me there blinds without hesitation :-P Oh and of coarse it was a nice sized pot too

so after much consideration i make the call Bammmmmmmmmmmmm.............................i was good heheh :-P Villan shows J-10 offsuit and my A high wins me a nice pot

I know its a fairly high variance line but curious what others think? hehe i ended up coming 3rd to some fish who fully sukd out to bust me ahh thats another story though haha

Oku_ha_fools over and under :O chahooOO