Played a hand against an absolute retard on a 6 max final table, just before he snap called my 4 bet shove with 66 i had the goods and he has been an absolute station throughout the FT. Also has been super active on my small blind as big blind was a super rock folding his blind consistantly.

stack sizes are

(Seems ok) : 70,000
(cutoff) Villain : 330,000
(Button): 40,000
(Small Blind) : 110,000
(Big Blind) Me: 350,000

  5  players remain im chip leader Blinds are 2000/4000 with antes, It gets folded round to villain who min raises 8,000 on the button. I decide to 3 bet 20,000 with A-9 of spades  from big blind which i believed was for value, as we suspect the rock in small blind folds and retard flatts the 3 bet on the button.

Pot is about 44,000 Flop comes AC-2S-7S with two spades, so yeahp caught a monster flop for my hand i go ahead and c bet about 16,000 (hoping hell come over the top with my small bet size) villain calls. Turn comes a 5 of diamond so its a brick. My dillemma was thinking about weather i should bet here or check, Villain had been folding a ton of turn bets to others and i didn't want to lose value by him folding after much consideration i decide to check hopeing hell donk off chips here and hay he bets woo hoo 34,000 he bets and i call intending on snap calling a river bet :O

River comes another 7 so i missed my flush draw, pot is about 140,000. It was very possible for villain to have a 7 here in his i decide to check intending on calling his bet here, he also has a good enough bluff freqeuncy to be bluffing here too.....then he goes and bets about 45,000 i called and got the bad news weeeeee he had 7-8 offsuit great job hahah

Anyways just wanted to know what anyone else would do here?

 Check  raise, call as i did or bet the turn?