So basically Im losing  at 5NLHE Zoom 6max for a lot of reasons. Variance is one of them but meh I made a lot of donkey mistakes too. I need to work on that for sure. So this March maybe I wont farm points too hard just to maintain Goldstar. I can basically farm 100 pts a day at 5NL but I can stretch it to 200 pts like what I did recently. That's around 10 hrs a day or more and its taken a bit of a toll on my health. My eyes sting now. Anyway I plan to walk the same path as Mr Sandtrap777. I've been following his blog from the old days. Gonna need to use HM2 as well for hand analysis and leaks and study more material from the videos in the library. In the meantime Im playing around at 2NL a bit both NLHE and revisited my old love PLO. I realize I see the game a bit more different now. Before it was an instacall when someone reraises preflop. I never even considered their stack size or position. I just wanted to see a flop lol. Anyway here is an intersting hand today. I was OOP and its obvious he flopped a straight but meh I was being donkey with all my outs. Surprisingly I plugged the hand in an Omaha equity calculator and it turns out I'm a favorite. Its weird coz I only had bottom set  yaknow. Oh well can't complain.