The min raise OTT should have been a dead giveaway. i put him on QQ based on preflop action. To my surprise she had a set of 3s. Its just so hard to click the fold button even after I used every second of my timebank. I knew she had to had something. 

After this I was raging, "WHY LORD WHY. WHY DIDNT SHE HAVE KK!?" It was painful because i was about to go south at 10 dollars.

On a happier note, I did do the same thing to someone else. I guess this is how Aces are often cracked.

I'm still in the process of finishing ArtySmokesPSO's blog. Hopefully I can get past my bad habits after Im done with that. I also need to study xxflixx's material. He valuetowned me with his flush vs my straight. Why would a pro 3 barrel with 5 diamonds on the board? Still I called him with my JT clubs. I'm the worst.