Ace high flush bluff is an effective weapon but this is a fail hand. The villain was most likely loose to continue with a K high flush or perhaps he got lucky and had the 47 nut straight flush. I had to fold the turn coz he looked pot commited with only 72 cents left. Overall though, I think this play is +EV. You just need to find the right TAGs and nitty villians. I also do the same for my nut flush so they cant really tell when I only have the A high.

This next hand shows me hero calling his value bet river bluff. The reasoning behind my call is I put him on a wrap or a draw on the 974 flop. He didnt really put me on 97 and thought I probably had KKxx because I just checked the river. If I bet the river repping an AAxx full value bet he might have just folded. Looking back he could have had quad 4s or even a mere Axxx hand. I dont know I guess I just trusted my read on this one.

Finally this is one of the harder calls I had to make potwise. I just put him on 55 or 44. It turns out he bluffed with 2 blockers to the straight. Normally Lovejoy is very comforting because people play ABC and just check if they dont have the nuts. There are people though who can pull strong logical bluffs like this one. The only thing that gave it away for me was his turn play. if he really had the 67 straight why didnt he protect it from a flush. Was it possible that he had the nut flush draw as well? Unlikely. I guess I was just lucky coz he could easily have had that and slowplayed to let me think he was bluffing the river. Thats what I do sometimes too LOL. As with bluffing I do hero calls more often in heads up if the line doesnt make sense because I know they bluff more compared to a multiway pot. If you're unsure though, its often better to just fold. Most river bets are value extraction. I've been to valuetown many times.

Note: villain's stack is another clue to making hero calls. the higher it is the more capable they are of bluffing to take the pot.