Preflop: EP raises pot, button calls, hero (BB) calls


Hero:   44.89% win. cant tie

EP Villain:  51.35% win. cant tie

Button Villain:  3.75% win. cant tie


The right wraps are a slight favorite multiway or headsup against an overset. Of course I couldn't fold my QQs now and just hoped for the best even without flush blockers. I thought EP villain had AAxx nut flush draw but he just donked the AAxx - the same mistake i lost 2 buy ins today with vs trips and 2 pair. At least my second mistake was an AAxx with a gutshot draw so I stil had a higher suckout rate.

Lesson learned today: 1) Never donk AAxx on a multiway wet flop with no draws whatsoever. Flop shove bluffs with squadush are rarer than diamonds. At PLO its almost always a made hand(2 pair or trips) or a great draw. 2) Wrap equity is often underrated. Flush draw +  inside wrap  is a favorite over JJxx on a 6TJ flop 3 way pot provided no one has the higher flush.