69.86% this should be a tie. The single suited AAxx would win 17.27% of the time while the unsuited AAxx  will take it 12.87%. If you're the one holding the unsuited AAxx I dont really recommend inducing shoves like this if its a multiway pot or even heads up unless you have a read on villian's aggresion factor. AAxx unsuited is still a favorite to KK or QQ double suited. If heads up and you know villain only shoves with AAxx, chances are you're up against at least single suited AAxx so you're only setting yourself up to tie as an underdog. Always consider the dead money in the pot first instead of putting it there yourself. If the pot is multiway AAxx unsuited is just horrible for the same reason as facing against at least AAxx single suited to which you are a slight underdog plus the other players who more often than not have better preflop equity against two AAxx shovers. 

Unfortunately I was the one holding AAxx single suited in this hand. It happens but I cant reallly complain because I've had similar "successes" in the past when I shove unsuited AAxxs preflop.