Preflop: Reraise button for value and probing. Ok so far


A rather wet one. I just checked it after he checks. Should have cbet here to see if he checkraises repping a KK or a QQ. It would be a hard bluff to pull off because he doesnt have the nut flush draw. If he does that Id assume he has a wrap or a set and i guess i have to fold becuase i only have the A high nut flush bluff.


He bets half the pot. I min raised. A half-hearted wrong bluff on my part. I could have raised higher or just folded outright. His stack is rather shallow and I dont really know if he'd reshove or fold. I guess the A high flush bluff would be a good aggressive move but folding could also be justified. Calling doesnt do anything I think. It would only send the message that I have a straight or a weak flush. Anyway, he calls my min raise.


He checks. I mistakenly took that as weakness. I should have just checked back and minimzed my loss. His call on the turn should have told me that he had trips, at least 2 pair KQ or a made straight/weak flush. The river bet was bad because my repped value bet just wasnt right. for a KQ line to take preflop and on the tun. 


Any comments on any street would be welcome.