6677double suited isnt much of an Omaha hand and how people play it tends to differ drastically. Some can 3bet and shove preflop on a multiway pot which could be a right play depending on how many people there are and fewer still can do the same heads up. Extreme nits just fold it immediately. I prefer to see the flop hoping for a quad cooler against AAxx full or perhaps even a straight flush vs A/K flush as happens here. I put on of them on A and K flush but one was too loose and put the money in on middle set hoping the board pairs on the turn/river. the danger for me is running into a higher QJ straight flush which is a very real possibilty in PLO. But like I said, in this game you have to take some chances. The likelihood of being coolered is always there but you cant just fold the 2nd nuts all the time when the chances of them having the hand are slim. 

Be wary of being undersetted with this hand though. This is how many inexperienced PLO players from NLHE lose.

Edit: I dont know why the other hand is not shown. he has KJ club flush. must be a bug. And honeslty this hand wasn't that much of a cooler. The 2 villains just played it bad.