Last post I whined about NLHE bad beats. Right after posting that I played a few hands at Lovejoy then this happened.


my check was a trap hoping to induce a probe bet from an AAxx holder, the min raise repped a probe bet to let him think i had trips. I knew I was drawing almost dead if he had 77and this is how i often get coolered but you just have to take chances somehow just like Phil Ivey got coolered by sahamies with his 9s full vs quad 2s. i put him on KKQ7 at this point so i was hoping the other two had the Ks so he wouldnt suck out on me. Then the 7 hit the river. He had 5% chance to win based on omaha odds. This is the beats I hate the most. What is your opinion on how I played the hand? Would you have folded after getting reraised twice? Could I have just smooth called to bury him on the turn?