Test post. I stopped saving my hand history for awhile so I couldnt really use the Hand Replayer feature of Pokerstars. I only have the link from there via Tim Stone's blog)

Poker has been a bittersweet journey so far. I started with the free20 code and built the 40 bucks to around 80 bucks then went busto. This is from NLHE microstakes(reg but mostly zoom tables), sit n goes fiftyfifty and PLO Zoom. Deposited 100 bucks again, built it up to around 150+ and that started to diwndle slowly until it stagnated to around 50 bucks thanks to river suckouts,donkey river calls, misreads, a few set over sets,fulls vs quads and tilt shoves.  PLO then cut that short to 9 bucks on a single session. I guess that got me really serious and frustrated(really frustrated) so I had to do 1-2 tables again for lack for a choice LOL. Fortunately my equity started working again in my favor recently and its up to 30 bucks.I was like yay I'm not that big of a loser anymore. It was really painful losing cointosses and getting sucked out on but then I realized it's not as bad as I think it is. Its just peanuts compared to what high stakes blokes are losing. I still farm VPPs to maintain silverstar and hopefully get a significant BR boost when i get a good run from the weekly tourneys. NLHE cash games are just brutal to me. Its not even a bad run it just plain sucks. I have a lot of excruciating bad beats(1 outer, 2 outer on the river) but the funniest one whcih made me quit NLHE cash games altogether is this.

3way pot AK KQ A2, my AK lose to A2 on a K65 all in flop runner runner straight 34 its not even funny I wanted to kill that fish so bad. Stacks were over 200 BB he had no flush draw just pure retardation. I had to make a hard donkey call against KQ shoving my reraise repping a set(ofc i just assumed this) and the A2o fish wins it. That day I decided to stick to PLO until I die. I lose there too but when I lget sucked out on at that I know the equity is close. 66% vs 33% or thereabouts when I have a set vs a AAxx nut flush draw. Well the point is, its not as painful compared to my QQ losing to JJ on a set over set all in flop coz stars give him a J on the river. That's how I lose coz Im a nit. Yeah whatever.

At least I got this compensation. I was literally shaking after this hand and felt dizzy. Its one of those moments I know might happen only once in my life. 

Now the gameplan is to farm VPPS at PLO zoom and be a succesful final table NLHE tourney player and we know just how easy that is. Sigh.