i'll say one thing now, i deposited for the first time to take advantage of the pso quiz ticket promo. and got hooked on cash play. you know that feeling when your getting down to your last few pennies? well i had 40 cents left. did a 10 cent 360 person sit and go. managed to become the big stack with about 12 players left. once the blinds got to 4 and 8 grand they all started dropping like flies. we were all of a sudden down to four players with the blinds at 5000 and 10000. i became the small stack. the big stack took the other two players on an all in. i was happy with 2nd. he had about 450 000, i had about 50 000. all of a sudden i caught an A on the river and doubled up. 100 000. hit trip 5. 200 000. won with a hand i don't remember i was flipping out cause this was 180 degrees from my usual luck. all of a sudden he was down to 40 000 and i hit a flush on the river. SWEEET. i went from being able to afford 3 more games to being able to afford 84 more games . going to use this money to qualify for pso and try to hit silverstar this month. wish me luck