what the hell is up with 4 card str8s and flushes every goddamn hand?and for all of u who say " well thats poker" that is not poker! i am an avid watcher of the big game, poker after dark, heads up, etc. u know how often 4 card str8s or flushes happen?  1 out of 20 or 30 hands max.the only thing you'll learn here is how to push with any bs hand and watch the real poker players "who actually have skill" get taken out by some jackass with A 4 hit 3 5 6 7.and there will probably be another jackass who pushed with 4 8 off. this shit is pissing me off. i'll accept a bad beat with a smile and wish the person good luck, but i'm pretty sure a dealer is there to shuffle the cards. i've played a lot games with a lot of ppl. made some friends and had some fun.but pokerstars needs to rectify this problem b4 the site is one person sitting by himself at 1 table because everyone else is fed up of the same shit i am. thx for listening to me rant. and i will gladly take any criticism, constructive or otherwise.
good luck at the tables