Well after grinding for quite a bit on another profile, kissmyace70, (thats my only live account, I closed this one down but still use login for pokerschool blogging purposes) I have got myself a positive ROI and my ITM is staying around the mid to high 20s.  The frustration I have though is getting deeper in to tournies.


Today looked like the day, we were will into the cash and I was constantly in the top 10 after 3 hrs of play, then the bad beats hit. I was in for 4bbs with AQ hearts. I had 1 caller and the flop was AQ7 rainbow. I half pot raise and villain shoves. AA, QQ and 77 were going through my head however, this player had previously shoved light and usually hit. If he'd had AA QQ or even 77, he'd of preflop shoved. His all in was 50% of my stack, so I figured I was probably ahead so I called to see A 5 spades. I thought I was good until the inevitable runner runner spade. I was left questioning how someone could rely on luck so much and get it through.

Next hand, I wake up with AA. Just what I need. I'm late position and there is one raiser. I re raise only for the villain from the previous hand to shove. Other guy folds so I call.  Villains hand, J 8 spades......... Yep you guessed it, he flops the flush and I have no spades.  He then writes in the chat box, 'bye bye donk go see your momma'. I just about stopped myself from launching my laptop.  Still, it was an ITM and a positive ROI, so its on to the next one. Oh yeah, and before you ask, he was from Brazil.

Its coming, I can feel it. The big final table is just around the corner.