I really am at my wits end now. I know I need to increase my level of play, though the lessons I have learned about bankroll management won't allow me because at this micro level, I am not winning anything as people are just shoving all the time with hands like 5 8 off against my premium hands like AA KK QQ, this is now happening on every MTT STT game I play. My bankroll has dwindled so much that I can barely afford a $1 tourney. I decided that tonight I would put every bad beat on the ZOOM app and when going back over the hands, I really cannot believe how people are playing like this and getting fun out of it. I am going to put half a dozen examples of hands that donked me out tonight and you can all see for yourselves. At the end of last week I was 19% ITM and this run has now brought me down to 12%.


Please look at these hands and if anyone can give me any pointers or advise, I would be so grateful.








There are lots more, but these are just a few from the last hour of play. 


What I want to know is does this thing and these hands happen at the higher levels. I don't understand how someone can call a re raise pre flop with hands like 8 5 off. If this kind of thing happens at all levels then I am of the opinion that there is no money left in poker. I know I will be advised that this is just a bad run, but this run has been going on for weeks and weeks. I really want to move up a level but I just don't have the bankroll to be able to do this so I must come to a very difficult decision and actually quit this game.