How many times is it that you come across people who can't lay down pairs. So many times I see it and to be quite honest I absolutely love this as the majority of the time, it means I get paid off however the times I don't get paid off are the times that stick in my head. 

Last night was a great example of this. We were deep into an MTT and just coming up to the bubble, I am on the button and find myself with AKs, 2 people had just limped from mid position so I put in a pot raise to try and isolate 1. As I wanted, just 1 calls. Flop comes, Q 8 2 rainbow. Villain checks so I put in a half pot bet and he calls. Turn comes and its a 7. The board is still dry and the villain checks again so I put in another half pot bet and he calls. I am now a little worried. The river comes and its a 10. There is a possible straight out but the villain checks again, I have just over the pot left and villain just has 2bb more than me so I shove all in. Villain calls and shows 44. I just sit there stunned for a minute. I can't believe that I fired on every street and the villain called it all the way with just a small pocket pair, especially so deep in a tourney and close to the bubble. 

Ah well, thats poker and 9 times out of 10, I want them playing like that as they inevitably end up paying me off.