Some lifes cruise right along...some ebb and flow....and some have moments....fleeting moments of what woulda been....There I was today playing my $55.00 Ticket in the DAILY 90K that I earned playing and winning a 5 hour freeroll game has been on these days and I went into battle with my continued TAKE NO PRISONERS approach...of course this approach always is successful while on a roll...well today....the roll got a big rock....after grinding and gaining for the first 3.5 plus hours in the tourney I found myself in the money and had my sights set on a big payday....and there I was....sittin on trip JACKS with one wounded soldier attempting to join the ranks of my Bankroll and Head Count numbers...for a second I was Trip Jacks became a Beautiful Jacks over Kings Full Cruise Ship towards the top tier....and then at that that very moment I felt the torpedo Cruise Ship became the Titanic....I was hit so hard by the Kings over Battle Ship that there was no time to put over the life Roll got Rocked....but the ride was very nice...started with ZERO....Ended with ONE HELLUVA EXPERIENCE and a little more knowledge....Thank You Poker Stars...The Freeroll Opportunity can be rolled into big bucks....unfortunately...mine went down with the ship!