So I've been the last couple of months up and down, up and down. Usual form, thinking that I've got the knack and then BOOM reality hits again and I fall off a cliff. But I am starting to learn some of the tricks. Slowly.

Anyway, I've found something going on which yes, I have to hold my hands up - I don't get it and I clearly need some help with it because it's happening far too much. I'm in the small blind, everyone's folded to me, I make a standard raise on a playable speculative hand and then BOOM Big Blind shoves all in.

Reader, I panic. I fret. It confuses me and throws me off beam and I've been folding nearly all the time unless I'm on a monster. Until this morning. This morning I was playing some 2NL Zoom and it happened about five times in 10 minutes and I got cross. I got narky. I called. And this happened.

Then a few minutes later, I did it again and *this* happened.

What on earth is that all about? Three bet shoves with not much/absolutely nothing and I've been routinely giving these people 6 cents for their trouble? How's a poor delicate little fishie supposed to deal with these things?