So last time I blogged, I'd lost virtually all my money. Well, to cut that story short, 48 hours later the rest of the money decided it missed its friends and went off to join them, and it was time for an iddy-biddy rethink and putting some Actual Real Money That's Mine into the system.

Truth be told, I was already in the process of frittering that first deposit away when the little nagging question at the back of my mind turned into a big nagging question at the front of my mind. What I'd initially taken from PokerSchool was an attitude of "Raise or Fold, and almost never Call". So the question that sprung from that was "Can it truly be that everybody who hits the Call button is a poor player, and if so, why do so many of them keep walking away with my money? "

Clearly I was missing something really rather important here - like the fact that my interpretation of "almost never Call" was considerably more strict than it actually needs to be.

Things have improved quite a bit for me since. I'm getting slightly involved in a lot more hands, and getting taken to the cleaners in a lot fewer. My monsters actually stand a chance of winning some money because, y'know, for all the villains know, they *might* be 64s. Equally, my 64s type hands also stand a chance of winning some money because they might sneakily hit something. And they might be monsters, for all the villains know. And mostly, all they do is lose tuppence or sixpence, and I can live with that.

And my pile of money is - slowly - growing again.

It might be growing skill. It might be variance. It's probably variance, so I'm not getting complacent. I'm not even close to being a "good" poker player yet, I'm barely hovering around the level of "just about competent" but I feel like I might be a little closer than I was to getting something started.