Well, we'll start with the positives from the last week's play:

1) You can't have your bankroll drop from $30 to $6 without amassing a decent number of FPPs.

That concludes the positives from the last week's play.


Moving on to the negatives from the last week's play:

1) It's all been shot totally to cock, really.

Seriously. I recognise the problem that's been costing me all the money, and I shall call it I've got to play this hand. It doesn't matter whether we're down to 6 players in a 50Fifty ("Arrgggh the blinds are getting scary big! I need to go to showdown with this A7 whatever happens oh I have gone out in 6th place"), or a little bit overexcited in a cash game ("Oh I have got AJ suited I must ignore the fact that the other guy is reraising every time and throw my whole stack at it because he's obviously bluffing oh he's got KK") - somewhere down the line, my game goes haywire and I kiss goodbye to another stack. I'd show you some replays, but no-one should ever have to see poker being played like that...

Fortunately, I've learned a principle from Arty's blog which might help. Obviously I won't be telling you which one it is, because then you'll know exactly what's going on when I call your reraises... unless I'm bluffing. Or an idiot. There we go, it's KK+ or I'm bluffing or I'm an idiot. 66% odds in your favour.


On the plus side, apparently it's easier to get a ticket for The Big Bang by writing a blog than by playing competent poker, so that's nice. Hopefully I'll be able to turn up for long enough to find a hand or two worth playing. Meanwhile I've cautiously inched back up to $7. Cards permitting, I'll still have a bankroll left this time next week!