Ok so no poetry for this post, but this video was every bit as interesting as they said it would be! Again, something I've come across in the lower league and small stake games, where you really havve to keep your cool and look at the facts.

It's not just about playing the hand in Small Blind, but any time playing out of position, sometimes I get caught out because I don't give myself enough time to make decisions based on facts due to the fact that I'm playing multiple games at once and my time banks start pinging or I'm trying to multi-task.

Learning to play TAG while trying to combine everything I've learnt in the past month isn't easy. It reminds me a bit of learning to ref a football (soccer) match, where you learn the 18 laws of the game, and then have to constantly be applying many of those laws to any given scenario. At first its a bit daunting, and you really can't be doing anything else at the time.