This Old man

He Played one

He folded Jacks and drank some rum

'Coz on the flop and turn, his

greed would have him beat

This time folding saved his sh...


Check this video out, I really like this sort of analysis, especially for a beginner like myself, who is finishing up on the beginners bankroll. It really re-affirms some concepts recently learnt and gives a real life scenario not only of what could happen, but an answe rto something I've been wondering for a while: "If it is the right thing to do, why does it feel so painful?"

It really does come down to the question: "What is possible?". Something I'm beginning to understand is that in poker (as in life), we're dealing with facts AKA the truth. As Jacky boy told Tom, and it sometimes does feel this way: "YOU CAN"T HANDLE THE TRUTH!". The fact is that sometimes I fold like between five and ten hands in a row, and when pocket Jacks jump out (especially as with this guy's scenario), even though I know its not that good a hand, I'm still happy to see them like they brought me sushi on a bad day.

So hand strength on its own means nothing, context is provided by combining hand strength, position, and player behaviour. Of course other factors come into play like how much table dynamics such as table size and tournament culture affect both variance and percentages, I don't know enough yet to comment on these though.