Hello Classmates,

Here is my report on the experimental strategy I made during the Open Skill League, which was to gradually make it to the top with a super tight play. My game was to try to make it to the bubble every tournament and avoid getting negative (-) points. Early in the tourney I would try to double the initial chips and after I have accomplished that I would begin playing super tight. It is almost like sitting out the only difference is that you get to defend your blinds and sometimes passively play monsters if you get any. Once I reach the bubble, I would change my game by playing aggressive but still tight and if i get to half of the players left I would slow down again and so on.

Although I did not achieve my goal of landing in the top 20 of the leader board, overall I am still satisfied with how I played the game. My closest was 53rd with 2 more days left of play. The next day on one of the scheduled tournament I got my favorite monster pair KK early in the game. The guy UTG flat calls the BB and 2 other guys did the same. Naturally with pocket K’s and in position I bet the pot hoping to make them fold and or hoped to get an isolation play. My prayer was answered, the guy UTG went all in and the rest folded all the while thinking of my goal, “top 20 here I come”, and so I thought. I called the guy who has A7o and boom came the flop with an A. A huge point deduction flashed right in front of me and I slid so far down the ladder. I tried to make damage control with the few tournaments left and made some desperate donkey plays with AT-AK and mid pair all in, just like shooting 3 pointers in a basketball game to catch up, but to no avail, I ended up I think at 200+ level. Then again overall I am satisfied because I almost made it to my goal if it were not for the dreaded KK's, and I did not consider my last few games because it was made out of desperation. At least I got $5 for my effort  and I get to play in the Premier Skill League. I will apply same strategy and I will post the result next month.

Bye the way if by chance you have a spare time, please comment if the play I made with the KK’s was the right play.

Thank you in advance for that ellusive Big Bang