I am blogging this question because I do not get a reply from the comments section of the PSOSOP leader board. The board has changed its result since then but the question remains.

I need to know thank you....

How do you determine a players place on the leader board if there are more than one player in the same place. Lets take for example the leader board above (as of this date and time). The players from 1 to 14 are exactly where they are at, but the players from 15 to 17 have 180 points each, would they all be in 15th place? Lets say this is the final tally, would they all get $22 MTT ticket? If you will be giving away exactly 30 tickets then how will you determine players with same scores will be given a prize. The reason I asked is if this were the final tally and that the placing of the players will be determined as it is shown exactly as it is shown above then too bad for me because I ranked no 31 although I have the same score as player 27,28,29 and 30 only because we are alphabetically arranged in ascending order

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