We all know that to be able to profit on the leader board, we need to accumulate as much points as possible. During my experiments on how to accumulate points in the League, I have noticed that there are actually four bubble stages. I use this insight to achieve my goal which is to try to get to the top one stage at a time. This means I no longer donk my way to the top, I choose which cards to bet on, I try to keep my chips well within the range where i would still get to the first stage even if I let the blinds eat them up. Once i pass a stage, I let loose and try to chip up then repeat the process.

The first one: although I may not be accurate but it is roughly when you get within the 25% of the total players left in the tourney. At this stage you won’t have to worry about getting negative (-) points anymore if you bust out and this is where you start to get points depending on how far you get.

The second stage: this is where you get extra points, if you get within this stage, in addition to the placed points you already have for getting this far. To know what stage this is just click on the info tab on the table you will find the line that says X places paid (where X is the actual number shown on the tab). Please take note that you do not actually get paid monetarily if you reach this stage.

The third stage: this is where you actually get paid with small amount of money but I guess it is just additional incentive for getting this far but what is important is that you get extra points higher than the extra points given on the second stage. You should be within 90 player mark to be on this stage.

The fourth stage: is actually the final table, if you get to this stage you’ll get huge extra points. And as an additional incentive of you’ll get $5.59 if you get to finish top.

You can look up the extra points incentive on the Pokerschoolonline site.

I still do not know what the result would be because I am still currently trying out this method, at the end of this month I would post the result. Right now I can say that things are looking up, I am currently ranked no. 61 and in 10 tourneys I only have 2 with negative (-) points which are in single digits only.

Lets see what happens.. good luck at the tables.

Forgive my english, this is what we call here in the Philippines "Nose Bleed"