ACOP Platinum Series, my first ever live tournament in the City of Dreams Macau. Having won an entry ticket online was exciting enough but being able to play live is even more exhilarating. I saw Celina Lin, she went to our table, shes even more beautiful in person but she busted out ahead of me so that makes me proud of myself. I myself placed at around 45-48, the board does not update players places that fast unlike online. I could have made it in the money too which was at 22nd place if it were not for my poor condition, thus my title. The day before the tournament, I had to wake up early to open up my shop, an Internet Cafe, explains why I am more of an online gamer. I had to work until 2 am the next morning which is the day of the Tournament, by 5 am I went to the airport(Clark Philippines) to check-in for my 7:30 flight to Hong Kong. Arrived at Hong Kong by 9:30 then I had to take the ferry to Macau, which was about an hour travel, by 10:30, finally in Macua, I had to find my way since it was my first time traveling there. Found the hotel around 12:00, ate lunch at some place until 2:00 and since the game time was at 6:00pm I just waited it out. In other words I had no rest. Funny thing was nearing the bubble, i actually fell asleep and the guy beside me woke me up, I was so ashamed that I acutally folded my hand not realizing I was holding a set. I had pocket 8’s at BB, the round went with almost everybody calling, I fell asleep before the flop was shown and when it was my turn, somebody had already raised, I folded with the flop showing 8 5 2 rainbow, I could have gobbled up a lot of much needed chips on that hand specially nearing the bubble, that hand could have landed me IN-THE-MONEY and my first ever live tournament (international) would have been more memorable and rewarding. So my friends the moral of the story before a tournament make sure you are 100% conditioned to play not only mentally but physically as well 