This would be my first time to post and I am not technically and well versed with computer so please I hope this turns out fine.

My story is about bad beats and I know for a fact that most of us have experienced, is experiencing and will experience it whenever we play poker and we often curse and doubt the system for making it so specially when we are playing online, God knows I did.  One thing I have experienced though is that it does really happen often even in live games so I learned that it is part of the game.  With that said, I would like to share to you my experience of a bad beat. "So what?" you say... well the reason I am sharing this is because I can't seem to get it off my mind whenever I play poker and that I am hoping that someone out there has a story that can top mine off.  Who knows, it might help make me at ease if not forget about the experience.

It happened at Pokerstars PCA 2010 freeroll tourney. As you know getting a ticket to the final event is like going through the eye of a needle.  It took me several days just to get a ticket. On the day of the tourney itself where only the top 20 players out of thousands will be given the opportunity to play the game of a lifetime and after several hours of playing, I found myself on the 30 something spot with only 60 something players left. When the hand was dealt I got pocket K's all I have to do now is double up and I could be on the top 5 of the qualifiers. Most of the players called the blinds while some double raised it then the player before me went all-in, when our cards were shown he only had K10. I was so nervous but so excited. Images of white sand beaches, babes in bikinis, tropical sunset, hotel accomodations, and of course the possibility of becoming a millionaire flashed before my eyes. I am about to realize the dream of a lifetime but when the flop came there it is a set of 10's, my heart sank it drove me crazy and to add insult to injury as if that was not enough he rivered another 10 making his hand a quad of 10's. All that rags to riches dream went down the drain. That is the story of my online poker experience.

What are the odds? So if anyone out there can top this it would make my life a bit easier knowing that someone had it even worse than me.

Thank you for taking time to read this...