, I have watched videos from Pokerstars pokerschoolonline. very interesting und learn so much. I’ve been following trainer Felix’s grinding up thru the micros and have to admit it had helped me tremendously. It proves with the right attitude and patience i too can become a great poker player .

When watching grinding up the micros I learnt to use the advice to my advantage playing tighter and raising more in position.,i wish i had more time to watch videos because you learn so much from them which can only help your game and hopefully make you a winning player .

I liked this video, because Felix’s explains every hand and every action he makes so carefully and patient that everyone can understand his thought process. The most important thing i learnt from this video is to just play my best game, follow my own strategy and look for an optimal way to play each hand .The biggest change I noticed was I no longer make as many deposits as I used to !

I learned a lot from the video and I hope someday that I could play in the Sunday Million and win 1st place . See you und good luck at the tables !