Just Got back from another Freeze Out at the Gilpin in Black Hawk. Was Short Stacked and frustrated most of the game but was able to survive until we were down to 2 tables. Then I went all in with 9.7k with K-10 and got called buy 7-5 os (Just because he wanted to see). I won and was at 21k. A few hands later I raised with K-Q os and got put all-in by the same guy. He had pocket 9's but i hit a K on the turn and i was over 35k. As we went to the final table (AGAIN) I caught K9s and the flop was A Q 7 with 2 clubs. he bet out a small amount and i called. A 4 of clubs hit on the turn and i shoved my final 20k in and got called by 2 pair. I was at 95 k then and looking well. After the final 6 was determined and a few more hands, we made a deal to give the chip leader $50 out of our share if he wanted to chop the prize pool. We agreed and it was over. So he was declared the winner and we ended in a 5 way 2nd. Last week i won $220. This week i won $500! My wife couldn't make it there this week. She has bronchitis bad and couldn't speak. But her face sure lit up as i pulled the money out! See ya at the Tables, Mark (Obiesdaddy)