Yesterday...Me and My Wife (theobiebunch) Played in our second Live Tourney (The First was a while back) in a Local Casino here in Colorado. There was 66 Players in this one and the Buy-In was $70. We almost didn't make it there (got signed in about 10 min before start). I Picked up a few small pots early. Then i got into a good sise pot with a man who rasied preflop as i had Kd 7d. A King hit on the flop and he bet about half the Pot. I Studied him for a bit and reluctantly called. The Turn Brought a 2d (Which gave me a Flush Draw) He wen't all in after i checked to him. It took me a long time to think but decided to call (I had some outs if i needed it. He had Pocket 8's and i took him out and won a good pot. At another table i took 2 more out As My set of 2's beat AJ and I trapped Pocket Kings to go all in as i flopped the nut flush. So i had about 19k going to the final 30 players. I moved to the same table as my wife (She was doing well).Got into a small pot or 2 and the i ran into pocket Kings. A Man In Seat 3 raised all in preflop. Another in Seat 1 Called too. Flop had 2 small cards and a J. He Checked and I Pushed my final 5k into the pot. He Called. We turned it over and i was hoping there was no set. I was Elated to find out Seat 1 had AJ and Seat 3 had AK. Two small cards fell and i won a 37k pot and was in great shape. My wife went out in 13th as her AK got rivered By AQ as the man hit a straight. I Knew she would do well although she did wish she could have done better. It wasn't the Ladies tourney that we were planning for her but hey...SHe can hang with the big boys. Love You Honey! As for me...I played conservative and got into a very few hands as players got knocked out. After the bubble boy i went out..I turned to obiebunch and put two thumbs up and said "We're In The Money Honey". Later as we were down to 5 and needed to make a move. I moved all in after a raise and got called by a man with A4 os. I had KQ os but the flop gave him a set of aces and i was done. But the smile on my face was well worth it as i walked up to the payout table collected my money. PSO does work! See ya at the tables... Mark (obiesdaddy)