It hard to understand how a great guy like me can be treated so badly by the ladies.  Pocket Qeens or any hand with a Queen it seems was fatal for me yesterday.  In the 1 pm tourney I was in 13th place with 32 players to go.  Player A who I know was shoving with weak Aces shoved, and got called by another player who thinks, 10 jack is a monster.  Well, there I sat with pocket queens.  I hesitated, because there was an all in an a call.  Plus I had just lost in the very early stage of the 3pm tourny when my Pocket Queen raise was called,flop ws three low cards, I made a nice bet, dude came over the top.  People, I knew I had him beat cause I saw what kind of hands he was playing.  Turns out he had AK off, no draws at all on the board, yet he decided with his A high to put me in.  I called and yep, he got an A on the river for the knockout.  So here I am with the decision of calling a raise and a call from two players that I was pretty sure I had beaten.  Ok, I made the call.  Again, we flopped low cards, one dude was all in preflop, other one had me covered, and decided to put me in.  Again, I am pretty sure I am ahead, they both like weak aces, or k j etc.  I figured, ok, I call and take this pot down, I am getting over 100,000 in chips and nearly a final table dpot locked up.  If I lose, hey, the points at that stage was still pretty good.  I made the call.  Both guys turned up A 5, A 3.  Well, guess what, the Ace came on the river, and there I went in 31st place.
Like I said, that's pretty good points and nothing to cry about.
Now in the 5:30 my Pocket Queens, yes the ladies once more for the third str8 tourney got me in troulbe.  This time, I should have fold when  I was reraised all in, but we are all stubborn, or in my case, stupid.  I just didnt want to believe that I was going to lose three str8 tournys with the exact same hand, so I called,  Dude had pocket KKs. I moved on to wait for the 8pm tourny.
Like a bad dream the Queens came back to haunt me again.  This time I am in a pot with AQ, I know, I know Norman Chad, you said it many times dont play AQ.  It was an unraised pot, I was in the BB so I played it.  Lo and behold, I flopped a set of Queens, what you got to say now Norman.  He was right, dude bets, I think I raised. He calls.  The turn card was a 9, no flush card, so I went in, or he put me in, not even sure, but river was a spade, dude had 10 8 of spades for the flush and there I went, me and my trip Queens.
At the 8pm, this time it's AQ again and I made aces and kings only to lose on the river to 10 8 of club this time which made the river flus.
10 Pm, my very first hand, you guesed it, pocket Queens. I said, you know what, no way in hell can they let me down again.  Points be damned, I want to see if there is a pocket Queens curse working against me.  I did what I never do, first hand of the tourny, I went all in. Got called by K3 off, can you belive that.  When a King came on the flop, I just about jumped out of my chair.  Luckily, a Q hit on th eturn for th etrips, and my first win all day with the dreaded pocket Queens.  Saga didnt end there be ause I got them again and lost on the river to yet another flush draw. This made me short stack so when I got yet another AQ and hit the Queen after limping on the BB, I went in only to be called by pocket 88s which had hit trips on the flop.
I always said that leos are Kings and should treat the ladies likeQueens, but after the day I had with Queens yesterday, I think that Queens are now my dead to me.  Next time I see them, I am running the other way.   I am making 23  suited my new best friend.

Anyone care to guess what hand I had when I was knocked out of the 10:00AM On 11/15 tourny.  Thats right.  Pocket Queens.  But this time was a bit different.  Had no chips 65 to be exact so my all in was an easy call for two players.  Flop was A Q 10.  Whopeeee, I hit trips, get me a nice triple up to about a 195 chips right.  Wrong.  Turn was Jack and one guy had K7 the other Ks. They got the str8 and I will keep cursing Pocket Queens.