Last night saw me take down my first Online MTT win. I haven't been playing online for too long, so to be it was quite an acheivement. What makes it even better for me is that it was in the PSO Skill League!

I was debating whether or not to Register for the Tournament becasue I needed an early night and the Tourny began at 22:30 local time. But I thought to myself, "screw it...".

The game started off very slowly for me, not really seeing a decent hand until just after the first break. After the 55 minute mark I had reached a reasonable chip size of 4000. Another hour went by and was quite short stacked, only adding another 1000 to my stack. Non the less, I kept on going.

By the time we had reached the bubble I was only on 6K. The blinds were something like 400/800 so I really needed to make a move. Along came a pretty looking hand, so I shoved (Regreted it as soon as I done it..). My heart was in my throat. Thankfully, I didn't get any callers and took down the blinds and antes.

So, I was in the money. What next? I was short stacked and needed to rebuild my chip stack pronto...  I shoved a few more times, taking down the blinds and then had a small win which saw me rise to 16,000 in chips - Just below the average. I settled down for half an hour and watched the other competetors drop like flies.

Now I found myself situated amoung the final 18, the last two tables. I wanted the win - so badly! I slugged my way though the 1000/2000 blinds and saw myself reach the final table with a very good looking 95,000 in chips. Alhough I wasn't the chip leader, I fancied my chances.

At the final table, people dropped like a Hooker's Panties! Two all-ins within the first couple of hands. I had now been playing for a little over 3 and a half Hours and had reached the final three with 145,000 chips. Within 15 minutes I found myself heads-up with tonami2, who had played very well at the final table and had little under 500,000 chips to his name. We battled it out for half an hour, and in the end I came out on top, beating tonami2 with Jack High Flush.

I'd like to thank everyone for the support, and I would like to thank tonami2 for the great heads-up action!