I started playing about 6 months ago depositing 20$ and Pokerstars double to 40$ , in the same day if I remember right , great promotion and I was happy. I played 0.01/0.02 $ cash tables , PS Open Skill league , Share&Win freerolls , even 2 Big Bang 5000$ and was doing fine. I started to record my ballance at the end of each day I played on Starts , I am playing 6 out of 7 days weekly , around 2-3 hours. I took part in almost every missions that ends with an all-in tournament and got around 5$ in winnings.

As long as I was plaing I deposited monthly 30$ to 50$ and incresed my bankroll to a high pick of 350$ , which it might be considered OK. I start playing Sunday Storm , The Big 2.20, 3.30, 5,50,The Hot 0.55$ tournaments that could boost my br. , never happened , even though in this period I won 3 live tournaments (around 1200$ ) .


My ballance is 275$ right now , after I deposited 320$ , and I'm one a lossing streak that seems to never end.In the same time I started playing on Pokertars , I also start playing on another site ( from ipoker network) with the same first deposit of 20$ ( they didn't double it , I had to earn points to get some $&nbsp  and right now on that site I have 1330$ , after I deposited 120$ in the same period of 6 months. I play cash at 0.05/0.10$ and small&freeroll MTT's , the difference is that on Stars I never made a final table in any MTT's and everytime I get in the money with a medium stack above  average I lose to worse hands ,same times so worse that they have 5% chance and they end-up winning the hand.


Everytime you get AA, QQ and opponent has A10 o , you lose , it happend so many times to me.

Pokerstars is the biggest room , biggest tournaments and biggest winnings.

You have to be very lucky to win a tournament.

Me remaining playing on Stars depends on Mission Week result.


Can you be on tilt on only one site?

Is ''luck " so important ? than how I manage to win live and other site MTTs ?

Would this blog bring me a Big Bang ticket?